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Pilot Project Update: Seeing is believing

  • Demonstration garden: to effect change management, Chakra is creating this with his permaculture systems that include, aquaculture, bee temple, owls for pest management and a nutritious traditional rice: mangok that only needs 3 months + 20 days until harvest

  • YKSB will transition 60 are (1.5 acres) of farmland before conservation easements are placed. This is will include 3-5 subak members and all the methods and product diversity. (Pre-Pilot Project Initiative)

  • The purchase price for ‘development rights” will be tied to income not land value. Land values are exponentially more expensive here, and this very unscientific appraisal system is untenable financially.

  • Annie has been proceeding with agro-tourism plans as well as a women’s collective to make VCO (virgin coconut oil) as a cottage industry. Women in the villages already make coconut oil, but by making it “virgin” (cold press) it will garner a higher price. YKSB will empower the women to learn every aspect of “bringing it into the marketplace” YKSB Board Member, Nila Wati will be leading the workshop for the women to learn just how to do this process

  • GRANT awarded from the Australian Consulate for Direct Aid Program (DAP) will underwrite the PrePilot Project Initiative. $7500

  • The play, "Blauk Jubel" ("Subak Water Creatures"), written collaboratively by Ariel Ashwell and Dedik will begin a year long performance schedule (1x month) in late December 2014, during Galungan. It will feature comedians riffing on the subject of “selling one’s mother” or sawah. This play was commissioned by the International Drama/Theater Education Association (IDEA) . It’s another “change management” tool directed to the younger generation for educational outreach.

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